CryptBoard 1.3

Store your passwords securely in a widget


  • Very simple to use
  • Uses AES 256 encryption


  • Doesn't provide fields to enter data
  • Could compromise security if you leave unlocked

Not bad

I'm always looking for a safe and secure way to store my ever increasing bank of passwords but most of them I don't trust or just involved too much messing around.

CryptBoard is a simple widget solution which means your passwords are always on demand at the touch of a button. To access CryptBoard, you simply have to remember one standard password to access everything on your drive. CryptBoard can however be left unlocked so that whenever you press a button on your dashboard, you'll see the CryptBoard widget instantly with your passwords displayed. It goes without saying then that you should be very careful if you share your Mac - be sure that you lock it if someone else uses your dashboard!

Using it is extremely simple. Once installed, you have to configure a username and password. You then given a blackboard in which to type all your passwords. Once saved, you can click on the padlock in the bottom left hand corner to open or lock it. It would have been nice to have had a few fields to add things to - i.e. a list of applications down one side and passwords down the other. However, as a simply widget, it works well and the developers claim that security is bolstered by the AES 256 encryption standard.

If you're constantly losing passwords, don't need anything flashy, and love dashboard widgets that are no nonsense, you'll like CryptBoard.

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CryptBoard 1.3

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